Choir/Band/Orchestra Tour in Budapest and Prague

Besides visiting the most important cultural and historical sites of Hungary and the Czech Republic, you will have the opportunity to experience rehearsals with local choirs, bands or orchestras in both Buadpest and Prague. You will enjoy private concerts, a lecture on leading Hungarian composers such as Bartok, Kodaly and Liszt at the famous Liszt Academy, a guided tour in Liszt Ferenc Memorial Museum in Budapest and in the Czech Museum of Music in Prague. Additionally, you will have the chance to explore beyond the capital cities by travelling along the Danube bend of numerous towns and villages with pretty churches and town squares.

Food and Wine in Hungary

We are sure you have heared about Gulyás, but did you know it is a soup? You are familiar with the Tokaj, right? You can learn the secret of how Tokaj wine is made during a cellar visit with a local winemaker. Are you ready for a Dobos Cake? How about blending your own Bull’s Blood in Eger? While you are experiencing all these culinary delights we will show you the largest freshwater lake in Europe (Lake Balaton), also the Hungarian Great Plain. We will experience a traditional Hungarian horse show, explore several World Heritage Sites like Pécs, Hollókő, Budapest, Pannonhalma and the Tokaj region. Come and join us.

Best of the Balkans

Journey through five nations of the former Yugoslavia, crossing the dramatic Dinaric Alps, discovering ancient palaces and marveling at the sun-dappled water of the Adriatic Sea. Learn about the complex ancient and recent history of these resilient countries at medieval UNESCO World Heritage Sites and in bustling capital cities. Immerse yourself in the Balkans' renowned scenic splendor, walking in pristine national forests and discovering picture-perfect Lake Bled, Slovenia's most photographed site.

Island Hopping in Magical Croatia

Nestled along the waters of the Adriatic Sea, the coast of Croatia is home to historic fortresses, medieval architecture and colorful islands all waiting to be explored. Experience the beauty and culture of this Balkan nation as local experts introduce you to the Roman history of Split, the islands of Hvar, Korcula and Brac and the medieval and modern identity of Dubrovnik.

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Images on this site are from the Hungarian MTU, Kult-Turist and Pixabay.

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