Food and Wine in Hungary

We are sure you have heared about Gulyás, but did you know it is a soup? You are familiar with the Tokaj, right? You can learn the secret of how Tokaj wine is made during a cellar visit with a local winemaker. Are you ready for a Dobos Cake? How about blending your own Bull’s Blood in Eger? While you are experiencing all these culinary delights we will show you the largest freshwater lake in Europe (Lake Balaton), also the Hungarian Great Plain. We will experience a traditional Hungarian horse show, explore several World Heritage Sites like Pécs, Hollókő, Budapest, Pannonhalma and the Tokaj region. Come and join us.

Culture and gastronomy tour in Prague, Vienna and Budapest

Begin your gastronomic adventures in the Czech Republic! If you are seeking an authentic local beer and culinary experience, Prague is the right place to go. During your trip beside the most famous historical places you will also visit local pubs and the Pilsner Urquell brewery where you will get the chance to tap your own beer. During your stay in Austria you can participate in an apple-strudel show in Vienna, have a gourmet evening and, of course, taste the world-famous Wiener Schniztel and Sacher torte in Vienna. Our food, wine and cultural walking and tasting tour continues in Hungary with a dinner cruise on the Danube and some wine tasting. You can also discover the Great Market Hall and its Hungarian products.

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Images on this site are from the Hungarian MTU, Kult-Turist and Pixabay.


Images on this site are from the Hungarian MTU, Kult-Turist and Pixabay.

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