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ITH Hungary Group

Kult-Turist is part of the 100% Hungarian-owned company ITH Hungary Group.
ITH Hungary is a hotel and investment development company. Built and renovated several hotels and apartment buildings.

Corvin Hotel Budapest****

Corvin Hotel Budapest**** is a popular small hotel with an excellent location, offering the the following services:

  • Corvin Wing **** – 42 guest rooms (doubles, twins, triples)
  • Sissi Wing*** – 44 guest rooms (doubles, twins, triples)
  • Corvin Residence – 5 serviced apartments
  • Conference room up to 100 participants
  • Catering service in the hotel and at outside locations

Bakony Hotel***

Bakony Hotel*** is a quaint small hotel in a natural environment in the midst of the picturesque Bakony Mountains, offering the the following services:

  • 50 guest rooms*** (doubles, twins, triples, apartments)
  • Conference room up to 80 participants
  • Catering service in the hotel and at outside locations

Villa Luef

Villa Luef is a lovely guest house in Mönichkirchen (Lower Austria) in a ski area, offering the following services:

  • 5 guest apartments
  • breakfast
  • transfer

What sets us apart?


programs for your group


content - eye opening lectures by local academics and experts


experience like having dinner with local citizens


itineraries from a single source


more than what ordinary tourist trips offer


tours specially designed for the interest of your team

Plan your trip with us

Bring your group to Europe and we will put together your tailor made itinerary, so you can enjoy the journey hassle-free.


Do you want to know what people say about us? Read some honest and unbiased reviews here.

JoAnn Bell and Maeve Harney

Vice Presidents, Road Scholar Inc.

“We began working with Kult-Turist in 1987. We have been delighted by our shared dedication to providing learning opportunities that broaden horizons, deepen perspectives, and generate understanding among people from different parts of the world.”


Annamaria Sas and Krisztina Kováts

Program Officers, Fulbright Commission, Hungary

“We have had the pleasure working with Eva Borsos and her team in the past 10 years. It has always been a fantastic collaboration, we love the helpfulness and problem solving attitude of Eva and her entire team. We highly recommend them.”


Adelia Pope

Director, Regional Programs, Road Scholar

“It is my experience that Kult Turist approaches its work with outstanding dedication and care. From program development all the way through to operation, Kult Turist goes to great lengths to truly understand the needs of Road Scholar participants and to provide high quality educational services. Their team is incredibly responsive and a pleasure to work with.”


Sándor Kopátsy

Prominent Hungarian Economist

“Why do I love Kult-Turist? Because I like its owner and also the way he is working. When we’d met in the Bakony, soon he became an enthusiastic supporter of children in state custody. His hotels are like families. In him I found an entrepreneur for whom bringing happiness into one’s life is more important than money.”


István Monok

University professor, Doctor of Academy of Science, Director General of the Library of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences

“Kult-Turist has established ties with cultural and scientific institutions in such a way that it can easily meet demands of various kind. Demands ranging from the desire to get a quick snapshot of an issue, to discover a local lifestyle, or to receive scientific knowledge. In many respect, the company relies on the knowledge of its liaison partners and refrains from direct interpretation of what is offered to its guests and clients.”


Béla Pásztor

Mayor, Veresegyház

“Our city entrusted Kult-Turist-ITH with organization of domestic and international tours. The work of István Király and his colleagues can be characterized by trustworthiness and punctuality. If we organized similar tours, we would gladly cooperate with Kult-Turist in the future.”

How to get started

Send us a short email about your plans (estimated group size, countries you plan to visit and the planned lenght and special focus of the program). For a multi-country program, we usually suggest to start planning a year ahead…
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Images on this site are from the Hungarian MTU, Kult-Turist and Pixabay.

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